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Auto-Dril Navigator Pro® Satellite System

The Auto-Dril Navigator Pro® satellite system ties into the EDR and allows rig wide wireless internet and full external communications on an easy to set up mobile satellite.

The Auto-Dril Satellite communications package comes with a 45” self pointing dish and integrated UPS, and offers the largest bandwidth internet coverage of any wellsite EDR system.

The Auto-Dril Satellite package allows streaming of all rig collected data to the Auto-Dril secure datahub where authorized users can access Auto-Dril RealView with current real time viewer configurable drilling screens and historical views of drilling information, access to daily reports and payroll information.

The Auto-Dril Satellite package can give all Client authorized users rigsite wide, wireless internet connectivity via the Auto-Dril Navigator Pro network and has a multi-line Voice over internet protocol(VOIP) telephone option for up to 8 lines with voice quality over standard internet for improved quality.

The Auto-Dril Satellite system has a pro-active QC monitoring of signals and usage to ensure clear communications.

View your rig operations from anywhere in the world from PC , tablet or smartphone.



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