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Navigator Pro Electronic Data Recorder

Full multichannel oil rig drilling data acquisition system for measuring and displaying all standard drilling parameters around the rig site for improved rig management. Has full satellite data feed to secure server for display, reporting capability and WITS feeds. Expansion options include the world leading Auto-Dril Navigator Automatic driller and PVT mud monitoring system.

Navigator Automatic Driller

The Auti-Dril Navigator is the leading electronic automatic driller giving Unbeatable performance, smooth drilling action, maximum penetration, optimum drilling control for all types of drilling with minimal vibration, extended bit/motor/MWD life in an easy to use, easy to maintain, independent system.

Satellite Communications

As an integral part of the Auto-Dril Navigator Pro allows data streaming to a secure server and worldwide access to view rig operations, reports from any internet enabled device. With a large wellsite bandwidth for easy internet access with VOIP multiline telephone option and Rigsite wide internet coverage with full 24 hour QC of signal quality to guarantee the highest level of rig management.

Pit Volume Totalizer and flow system

As an add-on module to the Auto-Dril Navigator Pro EDR the PVT system monitors active and reserve pits, total pit volume trip tank, mud flow in and mud flow out.
With full alarm features and viewer configurable screens to ensure safe drilling.

Mobile Monitoring Units

For smaller rigs or where permanent installation is not required Auto-Dril supply both Navigator Pro EDR’s and Auto-Dril Navigator automatic drillers pre-installed in mobile trailers so drillers can rapidly access all thefeatures of the full systems.



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