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Auto-Dril Navigator Pro® Electronic Data Recorder

The Auto-Dril Navigator Pro® is a full rig drilling data acquisition System with modular design for expansion including the world’s leading automatic driller, Auto-Dril Navigator, satellite communications, remote viewing and data delivery and Pit Volume Totalizer, mud flow and trip monitoring options.

The Auto-Dril Navigator Pro® is a simple and easy to use, drilling rig data collection package that measures and displays hooklLoad/weight –on bit, standpipe pressure, pump strokes, torque, Rate of penetration hole depth with easy to read, configurable graphical and pane displays.

The Auto-Dril Navigator Pro® has a main rig floor touch screen PC with optional keyboard and by wireless or hardwired communication can give rig wide displays to the client’s representative, rig manager, toolpusher, geologist, mudlogger, directional driller and via remote log-in via secure server to the Clients head office or from any location in the world.

The Auto-Dril Navigator Pro® includes a variety of reports including daily Drilling reports, pipe tally, BHA, time trends, payroll, motorman’s report, time breakdown and financial.


  • Simple Touch Screen operating system
  • Optional keyboard
  • Yoke or wall mounted
  • Configurable viewing screens
  • Metric or imperial units
  • Optional Auto-Dril Navigator automatic driller
  • Remote viewing screens
  • Satellite viewing accessible via secure server
  • Large bandwidth 2Mbps
  • Multiple report formats
  • Stores historical well data
  • Optional VOIP telephone system
  • Optional PVT, mud flow,trip monitor system
  • Rugged construction
  • Small rig floor footprint and rapid installation


  • Maximize drilling/operations and time due to ease of use
  • View all critical operations from anywhere
  • Network all key personnel at the wellsite
  • Minimize expenditure via rapid information transmission
  • No hidden charges for routine items or services
  • Full internet access with satellite option
  • Improved drilling rates with automatic driller
  • Mimimum time required to rig up/down
  • Large cost savings to Operator



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