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Auto-Dril Navigator® Driller Features

The Auto-Dril Navigator® automatic driller has a number of drilling modes that allow the Driller to control the drilling process to optimize for ROP, bit life, hole direction, or correction, minimize drillstring vibration, controlled speed drilling or LWD logging and reduce bit whirl and stick slip.

Weight on Bit Drilling
This is the PRIMARY feature of the Auto-Dril Navigator® . It utilizes the hook load reading and fine user input settings to give constant weight on bit.

Driller Percentage Speed
This feature limits the Navigator’s maximum speed to adjust to a variety of drilling conditions and allow the driller to achieve the “sweet spot” in keeping the bit moving forward with optimum weight and RPM.

High Alarm Pump Pressure Trigger
This feature is designed as an aid in the use of mud motors, PDC bits, Rotary steerable Systems and LWD/MWD logging, where, due to internal standpipe restrictions There will be a noticeable pressure drop off bottom to on bottom and a constant pressure is required to prevent the mud motor from stalling. While the driller is drilling in WOB mode it simultaneously references a pump pressure high alarm. This high alarm is set by the operator to keep the pump pressure from exceeding a specified maximum level.
If pump pressure increases due to a change in formation drillability a mud motor may start to stall which may cause a premature failure in motor bearing life, lost drilling time and loss in hole integrity. Excessive pump pressure can also cause the motor to spin the bit too fast, resulting in bit whirl. The Navigator with the Pump Pressure feature activated will sense either of these situations when the pump pressure exceeds the designated level. This will result in the Navigator reducing its WOB set point by a designated amount to allow the pump pressure to fall back below the maximum alarm.
Note: May result in driller safety disable if pressure does not decrease quickly enough.

Rate of Penetration Drilling
By using an optional depth encoder the Auto-Dril Navigator®  can use a number of parameters to Provide controlled drilling speed. Ideal for building angle, correcting well bores, optimizing LWD logging speed, maintaining hole direction or preserving bit life. Three parameters control the Auto-Dril Navigator with this feature. Maximum weight on bit, minimum weight on bit, and maximum rate of penetration. A rotary encoder is used to relay a calculated ROP so that the Navigator may make adjustments to the maximum and minimum inputs of WOB, thus keeping a constant maximum ROP. horizontal bores.

Time Drilling
Similar to the ROP Drilling Option Time drill utilize the rotary encoder to relay a signal of measured drum movement to the Navigator. Basic inputs of time to release, inches of travel, and repetition of release will allow the Navigator to control a precise drawworks drum release.This is ideal for milling or coring operations where limited bit movement is required.



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