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Headquartered in Midand Texas, Auto-Dril was founded in 1986 and supplied rental equipment to drilling contractors in the Permian Basin. At the request of our clients Auto-Dril designed the Navigator electronic automatic driller.

The Auto-Dril Navigator® has rapidly become the best performing electronic automatic driller in the industry giving improved bit performance and life, best penetration rates, drill string and downhole tool integrity, ease of use and multiple drilling modes.

Auto-Dril now supply full electronic data recorders, the Auto-Dril Navigator Pro® , that includes the industry leading Auto-Dril Navigator® automatic driller. In addition the Navigator Pro can be supplied with satellite communications, a selection of well site reports, real time remote viewing, VOIP telephone systems, data storage and Pit Volume Totalizer and mud monitoring systems.

Auto-Dril are expanding our sales and service footprint and are currently supplying systems throughout the world. For further information Click Here. As we expand, we are always looking for quality personnel to assist and further their careers in a young and dynamic company.If you think you have the necessary qualities check out the Careers page.



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